Stainless Steel Bars

Arham Tradelink is a leading supplier of stainless steel and mild steel bars, designed as per the standards for machining and industrial applications.

We supply stainless and mild steel bars of different shapes and size ranges that cater invariably to all industrial applications. We supply bright bars in round, square, hexagons, and more.

Our bars are widely used for various applications like machining tools, fasteners, automotive applications, pump shafts, motor shafts, valves, and many more.


  • Unmatched quality

  • High tensile strength

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Chemical resistance

  • Excellent toughness

  • Low Maintenance


    • Machinery

    • Fasteners

    • Grills

    • Manufacturing industries

    • Construction industries

    • Shipbuilding

    • Defense

    • Textile

    • Paper and pulp

    • Cement

    • Pump Shafts

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