130+ Export Clients Trust Arham Tradelink For Quality Products

Arham Tradelink is one of the biggest exporters and suppliers, specializing in supplying quality stainless and mild steel machining products that are certified according to the leading international regulations.


Over 130+ export clients trust us due to our unrivaled service and unmatched manufacturing solution that we provide to them in the right places at the right time. We are focused and committed to providing the best possible product to our customers and meeting the quality standards of our industry.

About Us

Born in 2019, Arham Tradelink is a leading supplier of the most diversified stainless and mild steel machining tools and parts. From functional and advanced steel products to valves and fittings, we offer a full range of stainless and mild steel machining products.

By successfully strengthening its competitive position Arham Tradelink constantly strives to improve and provide cutting-edge products and services certified to international standards.

With 28 years of proficiency in the industrial field, we have achieved significant growth and recognition for our unparalleled strength of products. Our goal is simple, to supply world-class innovative machining products that comply with the requirements of our customers.

Product Range

Pipes | Sheets | Coils | Bars

We supply a wide range of mild and stainless steel that includes bars, pipes, sheets, and coils. With matchless quality and durability, it has the ability to resist the effect of corrosion and chemical. Our stainless steel products meet the needs of multiple industries across diverse sectors.

Air Compressor

We offer a comprehensive range of air compressors that provides a steady flow of pressure and reduce the volume of the substance. We have a wide range of air compressors, including rotary screw, reciprocating, axial, portable, centrifugal, and many more, to meet the diverse requirement of industries.


We offer an optimum solution of precise galvanized, mild steel, and stainless steel valves in distinct sizes and shapes for effective control and flow of fluids. The valves are highly durable and corrosion-resistant, providing long-term productivity and adequate processes in diverse industrial applications.

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